Stems and Things is a boutique floral design studio located in Orlando, Florida. We strive to bring unique and elegant arrangements to any event or space. Our goal is to learn your story, your style, your vision; then design an arrangement that is unique to you and incredibly beautiful.

Stems is a full service custom faux floral studio specializing in unique floral designs for any application. Services range from large scale floral and greenery installations for hotels, restaurants and corporate settings to weddings and floral arrangements for your home. 
I founded Stems while pursuing my dream of becoming an interior designer. I fell into my love for floral design while creating custom arrangements for some of my office and hospitality projects. It was a challenge to find arrangements that fit perfectly into the projects I was designing, so I decided that my best option was to create them on my own.

Since establishing Stems, I have continued to produce creative and innovative styles that make each of my arrangements unique. I am inspired by modern compositions and enjoy putting together unexpected textures and colors. Now I focus on creating florals for all types of settings, from arrangements for personal residences to weddings. Flower arranging is a passion that I plan to continue for the rest of my life and hope to bring joy to others through my arrangements for years to come.
Contact me for ideas and customs faux florals for your next space!

Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
– Hans Christian Anderson

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